Norman Wells Ski Clinic

It was a warm cross country skiing clinic with students in Norman Wells at the end of March, with temperatures getting up to -2C (no jacket weather!). The warm temperatures and sunshine made for perfect weather to learn to ski.

The clinic, hosted by Cross Country NWT and led by instructor Anna-Spring, was a great success, with 66 students from Kindergarten through Grade 12 coming out to improve their ski skills.

Tracks were set next to the school in the baseball diamond and beyond, and a loop was made near a mound that served as a downhill challenge for students. There was also an open flat area that was used for skill work and ski games. 

During the clinic, students did a little warm-up and skills session with Anna-Spring and then participated in a series of short games before skiing around the baseball diamond. Many of the younger students had not been on skis before and were able to practice plenty of falling and getting up.

Students were also given the opportunity to ski down the hill and were given assistance and advice on how to do so safely. Students who had never skied down a hill before would either sit on their skis or crouch down sitting to go down the hill until they were comfortable enough to stand up. They also learned the snowplow technique for going downhill.  

School staff are talking about including skiing in gym classes in the future, which is very exciting for cross country skiing in the community.

This event was funded by Cross Country NWT and the Department of Municipal and Community Affairs’ Regional Youth Sports Events Program. We would also like to thank Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart’s Sport Relief Fund which helped ensure students were equipped with proper winter clothing for this event.