We ask our member clubs and ski participants across the territory to abide by our policies. On this page you can access policies covering various aspects of our operations.

Strategic Plan

2016-2020 Strategic Plan – outlining our vision for cross-country skiing in the NWT


CCNWT Bylaws 2018 FINAL – the basic governance documents used by Cross Country NWT.

Facilitator Fee Policy – outlining how facilitators are reimbursed for their work.

NCCP Course Registration and Fee Policy – details the obligations of Cross Country NWT, clubs, participants and Learning Facilitators regarding course fees, registration processes and prerequisites, and certification.

Community Facilitation Policy – describes the process by which Cross Country NWT selects and approves community facilitators to provide course, workshop and event facilitation.

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy & Safety Protocols – sets out the CCNWT’s policy response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the protocols to be followed for the safe delivery of programming and competition sanctioned by the CCNWT.

Team NT

2023 CWG Coach Selection Policy – explains how coaches are selected to cross-country ski teams at the 2023 Canada Winter Games.

2023 AWG Coach Selection Policy – explains how coaches are selected to cross-country ski teams at the 2023 Arctic Winter Games.

2020 AWG Handbook – oct.3 FINAL DOC.

2020 Arctic Winter Games Selection Policy – explains how athletes and coaches are selected to cross-country ski teams for the 2020 AWG.

2020 Arctic Winter Games Secondary Selection Policy – explains how athletes will be selected if conditions are unsuitable for racing at Territorial Trials.

2019 CWG Athlete Selection Policy – explains how athletes are selected to cross-country ski teams at the 2019 Canada Winter Games.

Team NWT Suit Policy – explains how Team NWT race suits are awarded to athletes and paid for.

Dispute Resolution

CCNWT Appeals Policy 2019 – outlines what happens when selection decisions or procedural complaints lead to a formal appeal.

Funding Opportunities

CCNWT Support for Post Secondary NWT Skiers Policy – sets out the process used by CCNWT to award funding to NWT skiers pursuing post secondary education and cross country skiing at specific competitive events.