Fort Providence Ski Clinic #2

Fort Providence’s second ski clinic of the season left youth hopeful for many more skiing opportunities – with some youth even saying they can’t wait to get their very own skis. 

The clinic, hosted by Cross Country NWT and led by Yellowknife instructors Ella and Rae, was a great success, with 38 students from Kindergarten through Grade 12 coming out to improve their ski skills.

During this ski clinic, students enjoyed a longer ski to get to Eva’s Hill and participated in a skiathon/lap-a-loppet. Youth were encouraged to do as many laps as they could, with the record being 10! Even one teacher got on some skis and joined in for the fun, while the rest of the teachers were there supporting and encouraging the kids.

Kids of all ages were able to participate in games, skiing around an obstacle course, and skiing to Eva’s Hill. While there was no official track set, participants had a great time during the course of the clinic and each class was eagerly lined up waiting for their skis before the group ahead of them could even finish! 

This event was funded by Cross Country NWT and the Department of Municipal and Community Affairs’ Regional Youth Sports Events Program. We would also like to thank Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart’s Sport Relief Fund which helped ensure students were equipped with proper winter clothing for this event.