Age categories at the Canada Winter Games and Arctic Winter Games in 2023

Since the Covid-19 pandemic pushed the Arctic Winter Games back by a year, they will now take place in 2023 just shortly before the Canada Winter Games.

CCNWT will review the many considerations involved in having Team NWT skiers participate in these important events, in consultation with coaches and clubs.  Since the pandemic has impacted the age categories, we’ve summarized below who will potentially be eligible to compete in each games.

Arctic Winter Games

Wood Buffalo // January 29 – February 4, 2023

For the 2023 Arctic Winer Games, the International Committee has decided to maintain the years of birth that would have been in effect in 2022.

This means for cross country skiing, the three age categories for 2022 (athletes born in 2008-09 (midget), 2006-07 (juvenile), or 2004-05 (junior)) will also be the age categories for 2023.

The International Committee has indicated that any team has the option of sending athletes a year younger (born in 2009-10, 2007-08, or 2005-06), but they would most likely be competing against older athletes, depending on the choices made by other teams.  This option will be reviewed by CCNWT.

Teams can send up to 24 athletes (four males and four females per age category) and three coaches.

There are four events: interval start, mass start, relay, and sprint.

The technical package for 2023 has not yet been released.

Canada Winter Games

Prince Edward Island // February 18 – March 5, 2023

For the Canada Winter Games, skiers ages 20 and under as of December 21, 2023 will be eligible to compete.

Teams can send up to six male and six female athletes, along with three coaches, one manager, and one wax technician.

The events include:

  • Male: 10km classic, 1200-1400m sprints (classic), and 15km free technique.
  • Female: 7.5km classic, 1200-1400m sprints (classic), and 10km free technique.
  • Mixed (two men and two women): 4 x 5km relay free technique. Two official teams per province or territory are allowed.

To read the full 2023 technical package, click here.

CCNWT will review considerations regarding these competitions and keep everyone posted!