Program Description

What can Ski North do for my ski program?

The Ski North Program is guided by the following goals:

  • To increase participation in the sport of cross-country skiing;
  • To improve skier skills;
  • To increase physical activity and healthy lifestyles; and
  • To develop sustainable ski programs in NWT communities.

In partnership with the NWT Ski Division, the NWT Recreation and Parks Association has administered and delivered the program since 2004. Many NWT communities now have trained coaches and ski equipment for the school or recreation programs to run ski programs thanks to Ski North.

Support Offered to Communities

Ski North aims to increase skier participation in communities that don’t have organized ski clubs by helping realize these objectives:

  • Support the certification and training of ski leaders/coaches;
  • Encourage and support the construction of dedicated ski trails and/or provide training on ski trail grooming and maintenance;
  • Support the construction of ski funparks (playground or terrain parks that encourage ski skill acquisition through play) and provision of ski equipment in communities where limited ski facilities and equipment exist; and
  • Provide support to organizers of community or regional ski events.

Ski Program Support:

NCCP Coaching courses

Coaching courses is a key component of supporting community ski programs with the high turnover of staff and volunteers in the NWT.  Ski North runs several coaching courses each ski season.

Grooming and Trail Development Support

As needed arrangements can be made to provide assistance in this area. There is an NWT trail gooming guide for someone to get started. Track setters can be shipped to communities that don’t have them.

Ski Equipment

Ski North has a supply of travelling skis, poles and boots that can be loaned out for occasional use during Ski North clinics and events.

Depending on availability of equipment and the needs of community ski programs, Ski North has loaned out equipment to a community and arrangements are made to purchase the equipment later if the community wishes to continue its ski program. The amount of equipment varies from year to year.

For more information contact:

Karen Johnson – Ski North Coordinator

Phone (867) 669-8379 or cell (867) 446-4787